BAA Growth Challenge

19 April 2010

Big Chop. . .

So I’ve officially decided to do my BC on my May 23rd Anniversary. It works out perfectly since that’s a Sunday, so if I have a job by then I won’t have to worry about dealing with it during the week. Plus, that date has significance since it’ll officially be a year since my last relaxer. I think I’ll have about 6 inches stretched *fingers crossed*


Here’s a countdown ticker:

08 April 2010

The Castor Oil Challenge Is Over

So I don’t know if you all remember, but I was participating in a Castor Oil Challenge. I think I may start over and do it again because I wasn’t exactly the most diligent, and I didn’t measure all of the parts of my hair, only the front (even though I was putting Castor Oil on all of it. But regardless, I just realized that it’s over. I did it from around Feb 6-April 6th. Here is where my hair was on Feb 6th:

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