BAA Growth Challenge

30 May 2010

Wash N Go

So the night before I detangled my hair by spraying water on it and finger detangling before putting about a quarter size amount of EVOO on each section (I had 5 or 6). Then I went through it with a comb and put that part in an afro puff. When I was finished I played around with my fro before putting it into 4 puffs to sleep.


I woke up the following morning, co-washed with Aussie Moist, then I did an ACV rinse, but instead of rinsing it like I normally do, I put my conditioner stuff over it and then covered that with a conditioning cap and a bonnet and let it marinate for a little over an hour. I rinsed that out with cold water, and now was coming the fun part! I was going to try out the KCCC my LS sent me. Well, it's true when they say that stuff doesn't play well with other products. as I was putting it on I noticed it was turning white.  I thought it would go away as it dried, but as it dried it only got worse. So I looked online and according to the KCCC people if it does that it may mean your hair wasn't wet enough so the product didn't get distributed. Okay.  So I rinsed my hair through a little bit to try to get it more evenly distributed. It got worse.

Here's my hair after the initial application. I thought I greatly resembled Lionel Ritchie from the "Hello" video. I wasn't feeling it, but I knew it would shrink up.

but after I rinsed and tried to get rid of some of the access moisture using an old T-shirt my hair looked like this:

Oh heyal naw. I WAS going to sit under a cool dryer to speed up the process, but I noticed that as it dried it GOT WORSE. So I had to wash that crap out of my hair. I still have a little left, so I may try again and just use the Knot Today and KCCC since that product REALLY doesn't play well with others.  My curls were being defined, but they were also turning white.

27 May 2010

So. . . I did the Big Chop on May 22

I’ve been putting off writing this post, I don’t know why. . . I think it was just pure laziness. LOL, but I did my BC on Saturday. I’ve been Natural for almost a week now, and I’ve never regretted it.


So that day I had to go to my Cousin’s Baby Shower, so instead of cutting in the morning, I ended up putting my hair in a puff. I was doing the twist challenge on CurlyNikki so I’d had twists in which would have made it hard for me to see the difference in texture (which is why twist-outs are such a good transitioning style), so I co-washed my hair that Friday and put it in braids, which ended up in a braidout puff:

Pretty isn’t it? I was kinda sad to see it go, but a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. So When I got home I asked my mom to help me cut the back because I can’t see back there, but she said she didn’t feel like it, then she said she didn’t want to mess it up, so once again a girl’s gotta do. . . so I did it all myself. After the first cut I remember thinking “OMG! Well there’s no turning back now” or something like that. About halfway through it didn’t even phase me anymore I was snipping away.

What I did was run my head under the shower for a couple of seconds and drenched my hair to make my natural curls pop a little more, then I sectioned my hair off into 4 parts. Then I went section by section and put in a bunch of Suave Naturals Coconut conditioner. It didn’t do as great a job of making my curls curl as I thought it would, in fact by the time I got to the end I didn’t even really put any on because it was easier to tell the difference without it.

Here’s how much I cut off:

Those permed ends were surprisingly heavy when I picked them up for that pic. Here’s my hair as soon as I put the shears down:

I wasn’t really in shock at this point, it did feel kinda freeing to use a term a lot of people do after BCing. I was just so happy to see the curls. Immediately after my BC I co-washed with V05 Strawberries n cream moisture milk, then I did an ACV rinse, and then I DC’d for an hour before letting it just air dry. I’ve got to re-figure out how I’m going to do my moisture sealing routine to make sure it doesn’t get dry. But I did it as best I could considering my hair hasn’t been this short since high school when I was growing out one of those short Monica 90s cuts.

So while it was  drying (I know, that’s a no no) I played around with it just a little. Here it is in a puff and my fro. (the back looks a little flat, but that’s fine because it’s really pretty even all the way around, the middle part just has RIDICULOUS shrinkage.

So that was my BC, I did it all by myself, something I never thought I’d be able to do even a year ago (I didn’t like letting ANYONE take scissors to my head, not even professionals. LOL, but yet here I am cutting it all off by myself). It almost felt like a rite of passage, and it only cost me $4.26 (the cost of my shears). I would do it the EXACT same way if I had to do it again.


Please note: I have no intention of needing to do it again. LOL! This will be my last post with the “transition” tag unless I’m posting advice.

14 May 2010

Carol’s Daughter Tui Shampoo and Hair Smoothie Review

Okay, I don’t think it’s a secret that I don’t care too much for Carol’s Daughter (CD) hair products. I bout them a while ago and they didn’t work too well on my relaxed hair which was always dry (probably because I didn’t know how to really properly care for it). So today I decided to wash my hair because I didn’t care too much for the puff I did with my twist out (I’ll post pics of that later) and I wanted to shampoo my hair. So I decided to use some of that CD stuff since I had it and that stuff is NOT cheap. So anywhoo, my hair was kind of unruly because I combed out the twist out dry (first mistake, but I didn’t feel like pre-pooing).

Then I washed my hair using the Tui shampoo, I did it twice, the second time rinsing until the water dripping off of my hair was clear. My hair was already feeling kinda dry, I don’t know if it’s because I didn’t pre-poo or what, but the product doesn’t SAY to pre-poo. Here’s my hair with the shampoo in it: 

My hair felt dry even as I was shampooing, but maybe that was because of the cleansing.

13 May 2010

My Shea Butter Mix

So a few weeks ago I tried my hand at a Shea Butter mix, and I’m wondering why I didn’t try it sooner! I absolutely LOVE this stuff.

But boy was making that mixture a MESSY process. Melting the shea butter was kinda hard because I'd put too much water in the bowl, so the water was mixing with the shea and melting it too fast, so I had to take some of the water out of the white bowl and pour it out and just ugh. But here's what I used:

  • 3 tbsp of Raw Unrefined Shea Butter
  • 1 tbsp of Castor Oil
  • 1 tbsp of EVOO
  • 1 tbsp of Jojoba Oil (the original recipe called for EVCO but I don't think coconut oil does anything for my hair, and I didn't get the EV kind so I decided to change it to Jojoba)
  • 3-4 drops of Essential Peppermint Oil (for scent more than anything)

So here's the Ingredients all lined up like little soldiers ready for war (LOL):

Here's the shea butter after I finally got it melted:

Once I got the bowl in the water it didn't take long to melt it at all.

10 May 2010

Relaxed Ends are Losing the Battle. . .

So m BC is in less than two weeks (I’m still trying to figure out how I’m going to do it) and my relaxed ends aren’t winning any battles, and we already know who’s gonna win the war. LOL. When I was detangling my hair today my fingers glided through the natural parts and got all tangled up in the relaxed ends. I find that funny because I always thought that it would be too difficult to deal with my natural hair if it got longer than it was when I needed a touchup, as it turns out the longer it gets the easier it is to deal with. I guess it’s because my hair knows I won’t be putting anymore chemicals on it and it’s just going crazy.

I haven’t been doing a great job of keeping up with my blog lately because I’ve been having too much fun on CurlyNikki, so I’ll be back later today or this week with an update on what my hair has been doing.