BAA Growth Challenge

08 April 2010

The Castor Oil Challenge Is Over

So I don’t know if you all remember, but I was participating in a Castor Oil Challenge. I think I may start over and do it again because I wasn’t exactly the most diligent, and I didn’t measure all of the parts of my hair, only the front (even though I was putting Castor Oil on all of it. But regardless, I just realized that it’s over. I did it from around Feb 6-April 6th. Here is where my hair was on Feb 6th:

Over the fold for results


And here’s my hair a couple of days ago:

Please excuse my raggedy eyebrows. So that’s quite a bit of growth in about two months, maybe it would have been more if I’d been more diligent in the challenge. LOL. In case you can’t tell, the rubber band is at the line of demarcation. In Feb. that line didn’t touch the top of my eyebrow, not it’s almost past my eye.

Since I didn’t really do all that hot with the challenge this time (as far as diligence goes), I think I’ll start over next week and do it until my BC (which is tentatively going to be at the end of May when I reach my year anniversary relaxer free.) So it’ll be a little over a month. Actually, I did oil my scalp with Castor Oil when I washed yesterday, so I’ll say yesterday was my start date, and the pic above is my starting length. Let’s see how much I can get in a month! When I wash next week I’ll also try to measure other parts of my hair.