BAA Growth Challenge

31 August 2010

Month 3 Styles

I realize this is Month 4, but I never did a post on the different styles I did in Month 3, so here it is (over the jump)!

30 August 2010

BAA Challenge Month 4

This month I notice that my hair is curling up a lot more, I don’t know if it’s the length, or if it’s retaining more moisture or what, but you can see in the pictures below I have little spirals popping up all over the place. Even that part that’s not nearly as coily on the left side of my head is curling up more.


Products I’ve been using this month hasn’t really changed. I feel like if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. The last couple of weeks I did my DC with yes to Cucumbers instead of ORS still using the EVOO and Raw Honey and my hair loves it. Maybe that’s why it’s looking curlier too?


I didn’t do as much protective styling since I’ve been working, but I am going to try to get better at that as I get more length. I’m not one of those people who can just wear twists all the time because I’ll get bored with it. I did learn how to cornrow last month though, so that’s a good thing! I’ll still have to practice at it more. I’ll do a post later on some of the styles I did last month (I think).


Without further ado, the pictures:

15 August 2010

Guess Who Finally Learned How To Cornrow?

YAY! So last night after the Carol’s Daughter FAIL, I decided it was a good time to give cornrowing another shot. After being unsuccessful at keeping it going once I got it started, I decided to look for a tutorial again online. I don’t know why I thought I’d suddenly find one, but alas I did! And from one of my favorite YouTubers no less. Armed with BlackOnyx77’s awesome and easy to understand tutorial I set off to try cornrowing. Here’s what my hair looked like when I went to bed last night (OMG my arms are SORE, actually it’s mostly my shoulders and neck, clearly those muscles need to be conditioned):

The one on the left is the last one I did:


I think it looks rather perfect myself. (Ignore the one next to it where you can clearly see I lost motivation ~lol~). So I woke up this morning and washed and DC’d my hair, then I set off to kind of imitate her style, I chose to do chunky twists in the back for a twist-out but here are a few shots of the braid:

This one is still wet

These two are after tying it down for a while and letting it dry:


I think I’ve pretty much mastered these! I’m so excited about it too because it opened up a whole new world for me as far as styles to try.

Now, if you’re going to use the tutorial I just posted you need to know how to plait. I’m not going to take it for granted that everyone knows how to plait. I’ll try to find a good tutorial. Plaits are just braids that aren’t cornrows (bad description, I know. LOL)

14 August 2010

Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk Shampoo, Conditioner, and Lite Cream Review

image So, my mom bought some Hair Milk Shampoo, Conditioner, and Lite Conditioning Cream when Lisa was last on HSN. Although I HATE Carol’s Daughter Products generally when it comes to my hair, I decided to give it a shot. So without further ado, let the reviewing begin!