BAA Growth Challenge

14 October 2009

My First Co-Wash

So yesterday I was having a terrible day. I was just going to go to sleep, but instead I decided to try co-washing for the first time (as I initially planned to do yesterday anyway). My hair was actually curly, so I had to comb out the curls first using a wide-toothed comb that I bought at Kroger.

For my first co-wash, I decided to try V05's Strawberries and Cream Moisture Milk after doing about 5 days worth of research. It only cost me $1.07 at Kroger. I also bought a small bottle of Suave Naturals Tropical Coconut as I've also heard a lot about that. I'll try that the next time I co-wash.

After combing my hair out and forward, I "shampooed" and rinsed twice with the V05. I was actually surprised at how much stuff was in my hair since I'd only washed it on Saturday. I think that means I need to use less products in my hair because it ends up weighing it down.

Once I finished washing and detangling my hair, it was time to deep condition. For this I used Castor Oil and Olive Oil Replenishing Conditioner. I parted my hair and put the Castor oil on from root to tip (the YouTube Video I got the idea from only used the Castor Oil on the root, and used Coconut Oil on the rest of the strand, but I couldn't find any Coconut Oil. I hear they have it at Wal-Mart, so I'll be sure to get some next time I'm out, I've heard great things about it). After I applied the Castor Oil , I liberally covered the hair with the conditioner.

Once I finished applying the conditioner I tied a plastic bag on my head(I forgot to get some disposable shower caps. . . LOL), and sat for about 45 minutes to an hour. I didn't want to sit under the dryer, maybe I'll try that next time to see if I actually get better results or not.

After I fully rinsed out the conditioner/castor oil, I decided to twist my hair in big sections and let it airdry with the intention to wear it in a twist out today. My hair is pretty thick, and I think the twists were too big because it took a while for it to dry, I think it was still a little damp in the back when I went to bed.

What I've learned from this:
  • Co-Washing is AWESOME, I don't think I'll ever use shampoo again.
  • Letting your hair airdry is the way to go, it really does retain a lot of moisture