BAA Growth Challenge

25 July 2010


This was actually done in Month 2 (and it shall be tagged as Month 2), I was just too lazy to do it then.

So I finally got around to doing some Bantu-Knots, they weren’t comfortable to sleep in at all. Here’s the final result of the first set:



(click for larger pictures). Pretty, eh? LOL, well once the humidity got to my hair it looked like:


(click for larger picture)

So I put them back in that night, and the new set lasted for the rest of the week WITHOUT me having to “sleep pretty” because I don’t “sleep pretty”, when I try to do that, I don’t end up getting much sleep.


It wasn’t as fluffy as the first one, but it was still very pretty. Anyway, over the fold to see how I did it.

So first I washed and DC’d. I think I used ORS Aloe Vera Shampoo because my scalp was giving me fits, which meant it wasn’t clean enough. I only do sulfates once every couple of months, so I figured I’d be okay. After that I DC’d with ORS Replenishing Condis, Raw Honey, and EVOO (I still haven’t found anything better than this combo. I don’t measure, I do the old school way of cooking which is just doing it by eye. But I do know I use a lot of Honey and EVOO and Conditioner because I like my head to be fully saturated).

After I finished DC’ing, I did my “old school” (LOL) sealing method from when I was transitioning. That meant a water based leave in (I think I used my Aussie Hair Insurance), Castor Oil, and ORS Olive Oil Moisturizing Hair Lotion. That’s it, I banded my hair to let it dry stretched bececause I tried doing the knots on wet hair, and my hair isn’t long enough yet for me to do that without driving myself crazy. Here’s a pic of my hair banded:


After it was almost dry (probably 4 hours later) I took them down section by section and detangled again using a cool hand held dryer with a comb attachment (I know this is a no-no, but I only did it for probably 20 seconds per section, and my hair was already thoroughly detangled before banding it) to get it more dry. After that I put in my Bantu-Knots (notice, without adding anything to “set” the knots, which is why I think the humidity did a hatchet job on it that Monday ~Lol~)

I used the method where  you two strand twist and THEN knot it. This is the first time I did them that way and liked the outcome (I didn’t care for that method when I was transitioning.

As you can see I used my ponytail holders to keep them in place, I didn’t want to use bobby pins because I don’t have any plastic ones, and I’m not scared to use the metal ones (LOL). As Bantu-knots tend to do, it was very hard to sleep in them. It wasn’t a comfortable 3 nights (the two on the weekend, and then again on Monday when I r e-did them).

I did them in larger sections because I wanted a looser curl, I think it came out beautifully. When I took them down I just carefully removed the ponytail holders and kinda pulled so the knot would come out, then I gently took apart the twist. Sometimes I took the twist apart a little more to cover some parts (this is what made it look fluffier) since the parts were so huge. I only wish that humidity hadn’t gotten to me. The day after the humidity, I re did them using some ORS Wrap and Set Mousse, and like I said before they lasted until Friday.

I have quite a few weddings coming up where I’m a bridesmaid, at least for the first one this may be the style I do, it’s cute, I can do it myself, and I don’t have to worry about what some stylist may be putting in my hair.