BAA Growth Challenge

29 July 2010

BAA Challenge Month 3

So I’m actually on time this time! LOL

I didn’t really do anything different this month. I did get some Yes, to Cucumbers and some Suave Humectant that I’ve been playing around with the last couple of weeks. I tried a new style: Bantu-Knot Out. I loved that style of course. I didn’t do many WNGs this go round. I did re-incorporate Castor Oil.

Hey, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. LOL! I am thinking about getting the Yes, to Cucumbers shampoo, but it has sulfates in it, so I’m still marinating on it. Oh, and I’ve been adding Raw Honey and EVOO to every DC. I can’t tell you the ratios, I just kinda eyeball it.


Without further ado, the pictures:


Month 1:


Month 3:



That’s my Mom’s hand in the back picture, I needed an assist.


Again, my shrinkage amazes and amuses me. LOL