BAA Growth Challenge

31 August 2010

Month 3 Styles

I realize this is Month 4, but I never did a post on the different styles I did in Month 3, so here it is (over the jump)!

  This is just a WNG with two flat twists in the front:



These are the best set of twists EVER! I loved how they looked :


This style is two cornrows in the front and a chunky twist-out in the back:


This is the same style with the chunky twist-out pulled apart more to make it flufflier. I LOVED this and yes, my hair WAS as soft as it looked:



I didn’t experiment much this month as you can see. Hopefully I’ll experiment a little more this month! I really want to try a fro-hawk, and I need to start figuring out some pin up twist styles since it’s gonna be cold before I realize it (meaning it will sneak up on me. LOL)