BAA Growth Challenge

15 January 2010

I Had An Interesting Thought Today

The more I see my natural hair coming through, the more beautiful I feel. I was doing my moisture sealing routine and putting my hair in big twists to dry and I just kept smiling at myself in the mirror, I was just soooo happy with what I was doing and thinking how funny it is that I started transitioning after I hadn't had a perm for a while (mostly due to money) and decided I'd rather just let my perm grow out. It wasn't some deep spiritual journey for me. I was tired of chemical burns, I was tired of my hair looking thin when I KNOW it's thick (I hate being able to see through my hair). The back right section of my hair breaks off when I'm stressed, so it's practically all natural already in that little spot. LOL.

But I was getting ready to wash out my Castor-Oil/Conditioner after letting it sit on my head for about two hours when I got the urge to cut off a piece of the back of my hair to see my curls unrestricted. Now, year or even a few months ago I would have never contemplated cutting anything off of my own head. So I went and grabbed a pair of scissors and cut a piece off. I was smiling like an idiot afterwards. LOL, you would have thought I did the BC. I just kept saying to myself "So that's about how long my hair would be if I cut it now" it will be interesting to track the progress of that piece of hair as I finish my transition. But now it's pretty much decided that my hair will definitely be cut in May.

I put the hair that was remaining in a little twist just to see what it would look like (mind you my hair was wet) and it was just the cutest little thing ever! ~lol~ and the end curled instead of breaking apart. Of course I took a picture:
Doing that only made me want to cut the rest of my hair off. But I must resist the temptation. . . on second thought maybe I won't make it a year after all. . . LOL

The more I see of my natural hair, the more I love it. Another thought I had as I was smiling at myself in the mirror was that if I ever have a daughter, she's not getting a perm until she's able to pay for it herself. I might not even press her hair after every washing like my mom did me. She's going to learn to love the hair she was blessed with and see it for what it is, absolutely beautiful.

Oh, and this song has been stuck in my head all day:

The part that gets me is "Good hair means curls and waves, bad hair means you look like a slave." So true. I have a Soror I'm trying to convince to go natural, but she won't do it because she thinks she'll look like Kunta Kente. I think I'm wearing her down though, I mention it every time I talk to her. :o)