BAA Growth Challenge

06 January 2010

New Style: Flat Twists & Bantu-Knot Out

So I decided to try a new style simply because I'm tired of the old styles. LOL, so this time I decided to do flat twists going from ear to ear instead of to the back, and a bantu-knot out in the back. I may try this style again sometime with a twist n curl in the back. I think I should have done the knots smaller in the back because they didn't come out like I thought they would doing them big. For this style I used EcoStyler's Clear Gel for the flat twists, and I used a little Aloe Vera Gel on the bantu-knots.

This style is relatively easy, just part across (the parting straight is the hardest part for me, my arms were getting tired so I still don't think I got them COMPLETELY straight ~lol~ but they'll do. Then flat twist. The one in the front is going from left to right and the one on the back is going from right to left. After I did the flat twists I put rubber bands at the base and then continued flat twisting a bit behind my ear so the ends would be with the rest of the bantu-knot out. Then I tied down the front using a satin scarf so the twists would lay a bit flatter, and I slept in a satin bonnet.

This morning I took out the knots and fluffed. If I didn't like where the curls fell, I used a bobby pin to put it where I wanted it. Overall, I like the style and will probably do it again.