BAA Growth Challenge

02 January 2010

Happy New Year!

I'm a day late, but it's officially 2010. New Years are never a big deal to me, it's just another day. But hey, I guess any reason to get drunk and party and not have to go to work the next day will do. LOL. Anywhoo, I'm trying a flat twist 'n' curl, inspired by CurlyNikki from I actually put the twists in on Friday, the 31st of December, but I haven't taken them out yet because all I've really been doing since then was laying around the house reading books. This is the first time I did the flat twists all over my head. I can't do them while my hair is wet because my natural hair makes it puff up and loosen as it dries, which annoys me to no end. So this time my hair was about 80-90% dry when I put them in. But they were still pretty slippery thanks to my sealing (I swear, I LOOOOOOVE that step, and I'm glad I discovered it, I don't think my hair has ever been this consistently moisturized).

This week when I sealed in the moisture, I forgot to melt my coconut oil, and I didn't feel like melting it in my hands everytime, so instead I did a mixture of Jojoba and Castor Oils for my Oil step. And let me tell you, my hair is the shiniest I've ever seen it.

After I finished putting the flat twists in, I rolled the ends with my satin covered rollers (I think it may be about time to get some more). Overall, I did 5 twists, next time I may do 6 because I'm not a fan of the one I had in the middle.

I took out the one you see there-------> this morning just to see what the curl looked like, and it looked awesome! I should have taken a picture. . . but I just re-twisted it (hopefully I didn't mess it up by doing that ~lol~) and put my satin scarf back on. I figure the best way for me to keep my fingers out of my hair is to leave it in these twists and leave on my scarf (I touch my hair waaaay too much). I promise when I take them down I'll post a pic, I have a feeling it may be my best twist-out yet! I still haven't managed to do a twist-out I love yet.

Oh, and I think I said I was going to do the winter-bun challenge, I did it for two weeks but I don't know that I'm going to be able to do it until April. For one thing, as you can see I'm not good enough with flat twisting to do flat-twists back into the bun, and I haven't even started trying to teach myself to braid my own hair yet. Second, I got bored with them even though I have the two bun pieces. I think I will do them periodically because it's a pretty good way to keep my hands out of my hair, but I don't want to pull my hair into too many ponytails and mess up my edges or cause breakage.