BAA Growth Challenge

23 June 2010

One Month Natural (As Of Yesterday)

So yesterday was my one month anniversary! YAY me! So what did I learn in the first month?:

  • Conditioner only does not work for me as far as WNGs
  • Gel doesn’t really work either
  • Leave-In Conditioner and EVOO works wonderfully for my WNGs
  • My smaller twists look better if I just grab and twist
  • Trying to part my hair is definitely a process. I’m hoping it will get easier as my hair gets longer (so it’ll be easier to clip out of the way)
  • My hair apparently LOVES green tea
  • Detangling at night and pre-pooing the night before washing = happy hair and a happy me
  • SheaMoisture Brilliant Curl Shampoo is awesome on so many levels (review pending)

Here’s some of the styles I’ve done over the last month:

Twist n CurlTwists Twists  WNG Puff WNG PuffCoils                                                Coils WNG Puff WNG Puff                         WNG PuffTwist-Out With Flash Twist-Out                    Twist-Out Twist-Out Day 3 hair            Twist-Out Day 3 Hair