BAA Growth Challenge

01 June 2010


So I’ve been natural what 10 days? LOL and I’ve already done TWO twist-outs. That is out of control. So here are the twists I did like the day after I BC’d:















I wasn’t crazy about them. I don’t think I did them small enough that time, but considering it was a first effort, not bad. As you can see the ends were looking kind of dry and crusty. I think that’s the only spot where I’ve really had that horrible dryness that I heard a lot of people have after they BC. But night after night I’d put some EVOO on my twists and slowly but surely those ends came to life. Also, some of them were being plagued by some stowaway straight ends, I’ve been snipping those off. I did my first wash n go AFTER these twists and the subsequent twist out, and between the WNGS and the lastest set of twists, I think I may have finally gotten them all. . .

Here is the resulting twist-out:






Not bad. There’s a lot of definition which is good, and the twists were about the size I liked, but I didn’t like how much scalp was showing. I think that will go away though as my hair begins to get used to its freedom, I’m already seeing it stretching to be free.

Then on Sunday after that WNG I did I got bored and decided to re-twist my hair again, this time I did it much smaller (at least I thought I did. . .  And I just grabbed and twisted, no comb was really used. Pics over the jump.

So here are the pics of the smaller twists that I did which I liked more. I actually was going to try to keep them in for two weeks, but due to a mistake in styling the night before I had to go on an interview, I ended up taking them out sooner and so I’ll be rocking a twist-out for the rest of the week. I am DETERMINED to keep my hands out of my hair for at least a couple of days. We’ll see if I last.












I think the twists came out very well, and I really did love them. I’m actually kinda pissed that I couldn’t keep them in longer since it took me so long to do them, but a sistah is trying to get a j-o-b. . .  Here’s the twist-out: