BAA Growth Challenge

01 June 2010

BAA Growth Challenge

So I’ve entered a BAA (or “Big ass afro” challenge that will run for six months starting today. The purpose of this challenge is just to make your hair grow. Nothing special involved there.

Here is my starting information (I actually took the pics a few days ago, but my hair is probably the same length, I don’t think it’s growing quite THAT fast ~lol~)

Current length: about 4-5" in the front, about -46" in the crown/middle and 5-6" in the back

Any goals: I want about another 2-3 inches, and healthy happy hair. I also want to learn how to cornrow/french braid

Challenge Duration: June 1-December 1

Products: Not sure yet since I just BC'd, right now I'm just going to use what I used while transitioning and see what does and doesn't still work. So my staples (I rotate the conditioners) are V05 Strawberries n Cream, HEHH, Aussie Moist, DC = ORS Replenishing Conditioner, Leave-in= Aussie Hair Insurance, Oils= Castor and EVOO, Styling = ORS Lock and Twist Gel & Shea Butter mixture.

Regimen: Wash at least once a week & DC, if I wash more than once, I just co-wash. Shampoo once a month, ACV Rinse once a month or as needed.

Here are the starting pictures:

  Ear-Month1 Front-Month1 Back-month 1