BAA Growth Challenge

23 December 2009

7 Months Since My Last Relaxer Today!

Yay for me! As of today it's been 7 months since my last torture treatment, that means only 5 more months until I reach my goal of a year!

Right now I'm doing a bun challenge that I found on I went out and purchased two bun hairpieces last week (they were $7.99 and $8.99. I'm hoping over time they will become a lot less shiny, but usually my hair can compete when I put some Castor Oil on it. So far the challenge is okay, I did what someone suggested in the thread and put some oil on my ends and then covered them in a plastic bag. I'm kind of almost already sick of buns, but I'm going to make it last until March. Maybe I'll try flat twisting my hair back into the bun next time? Just to get some variety, and so I can practice my flat twisting skills. Once I get flat twists down, I can move on to braids.

One good thing about the bun challenge is the fact that I don't really manipulate my hair AT ALL, as opposed to low manipulation with the bantu-knot outs, and more manipulation with twist-outs (I'm not really a fan of twist-outs though). I am going to have to be careful about my edges though (that are just now starting to recover from the relaxer, they aren't TOO bad, but they are bad enough for me to notice them).