BAA Growth Challenge

27 December 2009

Total Hair Envy

I need my hair to grow faster!! I'm looking at this thread on Nappturality, and all it's doing is making me want my hair to grow faster! I can't wait until I can wear an afro-puff (or two), that's part of the reason why I decided to go natural. Heck, I've been watching Big Chop (BC) videos lately too, and it's sooo making me want to cut my hair before May. But I don't want to cut it and then hate it, so I'm going to stick out this transition for at least a year. All of this is why I love looking at photos, albums, and Fotki's it keeps me motivated because I want to be able to do all that stuff with MY hair some day. So yeah, I'm experiencing TOTAL hair envy, how about you?