BAA Growth Challenge

07 February 2010

Frustrated For the First Time in a Long Time

For the first time in months, I was really frustrated with my hair today. So yesterday I got up and put my hair in two strand twists, and used small rubber bands to hold then ends together. I hated it. The rubber bands were irritating me like all get out, plus it was hard to do anything else with the twists with those damned rubber bands on the ends. This morning after doing my workout I decided I didn't like the twists, so I was going to take them down and flat twist my hair. So I took down the flat twists, they would have made a cute twist-out I suppose, but I decided I wanted to go on and flat twist while I had the motivation.

Well the flat twisting wasn't going well, and I was getting tired of having to re-do them. For some reason my flat twists always end up loosening. If I do them damp they loosen as they dry, if I do them dry they are just loose and somehow the hair refuses to stay parted so when I get to the end there are pieces that should be in the piece that I'm working with that were in the twist next to it. After about 20 minutes I only had one twist that I didn't feel like I'd have to re-do the other two I'd done I had taken out to re-twist. Suffice it to say I finally said "forget it". While my arms are better about working with the back of my head than they were a couple of months ago, they were starting to hurt, and I wasn't making any progress.

Mind you my hair was dry, and at this point it LOOKS really dry and nasty. So I spray some water on it and finger comb out the rest of what would have been a decent twist-out if I'd wanted to wear my hair like that and decided to just put it in a bun. While I was looking at my hair I was wishing it was all natural because I would have just left it as an afro/puff and been done with it. Remember, I dried it stretched. But alas, it's not all natural, so I couldn't just leave it out. So I decided to put it in a bun, which mind you was no easy feat with 8 months worth of natural hair. In the front it would not lay down, even with the clear EcoStyler Gel. Finally I just got it pulled back (the back is finally long enough where I can put it up further without having to worry about hair falling in the back, which is nice) and put some Coconut Oil (which I don't think really does anything for my hair, but I still have it, and I'm not going to waste it) and Castor Oil on the ends and then put on a plastic baggy and put on one of my fake buns and a hairband to hold the edges down.

Suffice it to say, this is the first time in a long time I've been really frustrated by my hair. Not enough to make me wish I had a perm, but enough to make doing it a chore instead of fun. I still don't think it looks that hot, but at this point I really don't care. Maybe I'll feel like doing something else with it tomorrow, but I think I'm going to just give myself a break and leave it in the bun for the rest of the week. I should have just left the stupid twists in.