BAA Growth Challenge

18 February 2010

Playing with Scissors. . . Again

Soooooo, I was on CurlyNikki and there was a post about hair types. I was pretty sure I was a 4a type, but as my hair grew out the curls were looking longer to me. So, I decided to cut a small piece by my ear. I took one pic of it after wetting it letting it dry and adding just a little cream oil moisturizer, and one pic with it stretched so you (and I) can get an idea of the shrinkage I deal with when it's unstretched:

It's a REALLY small piece, but it made me a bit more excited to see what the rest of my hair will look like after I cut it.

So I still think my hair is 4a or maybe 3c.

Now I'm going to have to keep myself from playing with that little piece I cut up front, I already touch my hair too much. LOL