BAA Growth Challenge

25 February 2010

So I Tried a New Regimen. . .

This is going to be a long post, I have a lot going on. LOL

So last night during a very boring American Idol (I wasn’t motivated to call in and vote for anyone) I decided I needed to DC my hair because my ends were looking raggedy and the results of that last flat twist-out were not good at all. I ended up doing something different. Instead of using my ORS Replenishing Conditioner, I decided to try mixing Herbal Essences HH and Honey since I remember seeing or reading about someone doing that. After talking to my Soror I also added a little Olive Oil. I don’t have EVOO, when I went to the store and got the OO I have, I got the “pure” olive oil. I don’t see a point in wasting it (and any OO is not cheap), so I’ll use this up and next time I’ll get some EVOO. Anywhoo, I didn’t really measure anything but the OO since my Soror told me to use about a teaspoon. I think I may have put in a BIT too much Honey because it’s smell was kinda overpowering everything else ~lol~ and I put in more HH than anything. Here’s a pic of the mixture:

So I sprayed my hair with bottled water (LOL) and then added this. I did it by sections the way I normally DC to make sure it got on everything, but I didn’t put Castor Oil underneath. Then I put on a disposable conditioning cap and my satin bonnet over that, and then I wrapped all of that in a scarf. (I was NOT trying to get that stuff on my pillow, nor did I want to hear plastic crinkling around my head all night). I did all of this around 9, I washed it out this morning around 11 after my work out, so it was in my head for about 14 hours.

This is what it looked like right before I rinsed it out:

The front the back

When I washed it out I used ice cold water as I normally do, and then I co-washed with V05 Strawberries ‘n Cream Moisture Milk to make sure I got all of that honey out of my hair and to get the smell out.

Here’s why it looked like with everything rinsed out:


After that I did something different with my sealing routine. Instead of using 3-4 products, I only used 2. My Aussie Hair Insurance Leave in Conditioner, and Castor Oil. That’s it. I banded my hair so it would stretch and sat under a cold dryer for a couple of hours because I didn’t feel like waiting for it to dry over-night. Then I took my hair out of the bands and twisted each section as I went using ORS Twist ‘n’ Lock Gel (I LOVE that stuff). I sat back under the dryer for about 5-10 minutes to let it  all dry, then I sprayed a little Carol’s Daughter Black vanilla Leave In (I really just use that stuff as hair perfume, I don’t think it dose anything for me). Here’s the final result:




Suffice it to say I LOVE the results, I’m hoping I can keep these in for two weeks this time (we’ll see) mostly because I hate taking them down more than I hate twisting up the hair. LOL. Oh, and this time when i did my twists I just kind of grabbed and twisted in the back, I like the way that looks better than parting it, I think I’ll do my whole head like that next time. And I still can’t wait until those scraggly ends are gone.