BAA Growth Challenge

17 March 2010

Homemade Deep Conditioner

I remembered hearing something about eggs to deep condition, so I went online to find a recipe for a deep conditioner. I ran across this video on YouTube. Since my scalp had been itching lately (worse than usual during my transition thus far) I decided to also try the ACV rinse.

The first thing I did was detangle my hair from the puff using HH and then I put some EVOO on top of that and covered it with a shower cap and my satin bonnet for about 45 minutes.


That’s what it looked like right before I washed my hair. While the pre-wash was in I made the mixture. I pretty much did what she said in the video, but I was using light miracle whip instead of Mayo. Maybe that accounts for the runny-ness of the mixture. I also added about two capfuls of EVOO:


You can see how runny it was. Maybe next time I’ll use only one egg and a little more mayo to thicken it up.

So when I was done pre-pooing, I co-washed with Aussie Moist Conditioner

Instead of doing it twice like I normally do, the second time I put in the ACV mixture:

I think that looks like pee in a bottle. LOL, but hey, whatever works. Now I don’t typically wash my hair in the shower, I won’t make the mistake of putting in the ACV rinse outside of the shower again, I had it running all over me, especially in the back. LOL, but after I put it in I massaged it into my scalp a bit, and put on my shower cap for about 5 minutes to let it marinate. Once I rinsed it out, I was very impressed. I will definitely be doing more ACV rinses in the future. I wish I’d known about them when I was relaxed. But my hair was nice and clean and my scalp was nice and clean. Maybe I had more buildup on there than I thought? Since I washed my scalp hasn’t been as itchy. Here’s a pic of my curls right after I washed out the ACV mixture:



Ooooh, I was so in love with my hair when I saw that. See, stuff like that makes me want to BC right then and there. LOL

Then it was time for the moment of truth, putting in the deep conditioner.

I used the method described in the video, I rubbed some all over my head first, and then I went by and put it in section by section. This process could have gone smoother if I would have brought more duck clips into the bathroom with me, but I don’t think any strand was neglected as far as putting in the conditioner. Here’s what my hair looked like after I finished putting it in. The pics in the blue shirt are right before I rinsed it out.

Let me tell you, that was the most DISGUSTING experience I ever had with conditioner. LOL, it was running down my face and as you can see in the pic above down my back. By the time the 45 minutes was up, I was MORE than ready to get that crap out of my hair and off of my body. I ended up jumping in the shower. It did take a lot to get my hair rinsed out, but I wanted to make sure all of the DC was out whereas I’m not quite as concerned with getting it all out with my normal DC routines.

After I finished rinsing it, I co-washed again with Aussie Moist, just to be sure. Here’s my hair right after I finished rinsing everything out:

Instead of using a towel, I used an old tee-shirt that I cut up to dry my hair. Now, I think maybe it’s because I rinsed ALL of the product out instead of leaving a little in like I normally do, but my hair started air drying fast as heyal so I didn’t do my normal moisture sealing routine. Instead I just rubbed some Carol’s Daughter Hair Elixr and Hair Balm through my hair and slicked it back in a ponytail, baggied the end with a mixture of EVOO, Castor Oil, Jojoba Oil, and V05 conditioner, and threw on a fake bun. I’m giving myself and my hair a break this week. So I’ll keep it in as long as possible.


Note how my hair LAUGHS at gel. LOL these pics were taken AFTER I tied my hair down for a couple of hours to get it to lay down ~shrug~ Oh well. 

As far as the results for the DC goes, my hair was really really soft, and if I push my finger inside my slicked down parts, my hair feels really soft and moisturized. This will be a good DC for when I do wash n gos, or if I already know for sure what I’m going to do with my hair, it’s not so good for if I actually want to style my hair but haven’t decided how exactly to do that.