BAA Growth Challenge

09 March 2010

Texture Shots!

I was washing my hair today and I had to take a few pictures of my hair because I’m LOVING my texture and how thick it is. I don’t know if it’s growing any faster from putting the Castor Oil on my scalp. Anyway, here are the pics I took today. On days like this I love my hair.

BTW, I’m putting them in bantu-knots, I’m twisting them first which isn’t the way I normally do them, so we’ll see how that works out. As far as products this week:

  • Overnight DC with my mix of HH, Olive Oil, and Honey.
  • Co-wash with V05 Strawberries n Cream
  • Sealing with (in this order):
    • Aussie Hair Insurance
    • Castor Oil mixed with Jojoba Oil
    • ORS Olive Oil Cream moisturizer
  • Styling:
    • ORS Lock and Twist Gel
    • ORS Styling Mousse

It sounds like a lot, but it’s really not a lot of product. After putting all of that on, I brushed through it to detangle again with my paddle brush (don’t have a Denman, but I think the paddle brush did well). Then I twisted the hair in two strand twists and put the twists into bantu-knots. I did them pretty big, so I only have 10 knots. I’m letting it air dry since I don’t have to go anywhere for a couple of days so I’ll probably take them out on Saturday.

Pics over the fold


The section above is only enough for one knot, just trying to give an idea of how thick it is, and look at those pathetic permed ends. LOL

Oh, I can’t WAIT to do wash n gos!