BAA Growth Challenge

27 May 2010

So. . . I did the Big Chop on May 22

I’ve been putting off writing this post, I don’t know why. . . I think it was just pure laziness. LOL, but I did my BC on Saturday. I’ve been Natural for almost a week now, and I’ve never regretted it.


So that day I had to go to my Cousin’s Baby Shower, so instead of cutting in the morning, I ended up putting my hair in a puff. I was doing the twist challenge on CurlyNikki so I’d had twists in which would have made it hard for me to see the difference in texture (which is why twist-outs are such a good transitioning style), so I co-washed my hair that Friday and put it in braids, which ended up in a braidout puff:

Pretty isn’t it? I was kinda sad to see it go, but a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. So When I got home I asked my mom to help me cut the back because I can’t see back there, but she said she didn’t feel like it, then she said she didn’t want to mess it up, so once again a girl’s gotta do. . . so I did it all myself. After the first cut I remember thinking “OMG! Well there’s no turning back now” or something like that. About halfway through it didn’t even phase me anymore I was snipping away.

What I did was run my head under the shower for a couple of seconds and drenched my hair to make my natural curls pop a little more, then I sectioned my hair off into 4 parts. Then I went section by section and put in a bunch of Suave Naturals Coconut conditioner. It didn’t do as great a job of making my curls curl as I thought it would, in fact by the time I got to the end I didn’t even really put any on because it was easier to tell the difference without it.

Here’s how much I cut off:

Those permed ends were surprisingly heavy when I picked them up for that pic. Here’s my hair as soon as I put the shears down:

I wasn’t really in shock at this point, it did feel kinda freeing to use a term a lot of people do after BCing. I was just so happy to see the curls. Immediately after my BC I co-washed with V05 Strawberries n cream moisture milk, then I did an ACV rinse, and then I DC’d for an hour before letting it just air dry. I’ve got to re-figure out how I’m going to do my moisture sealing routine to make sure it doesn’t get dry. But I did it as best I could considering my hair hasn’t been this short since high school when I was growing out one of those short Monica 90s cuts.

So while it was  drying (I know, that’s a no no) I played around with it just a little. Here it is in a puff and my fro. (the back looks a little flat, but that’s fine because it’s really pretty even all the way around, the middle part just has RIDICULOUS shrinkage.

So that was my BC, I did it all by myself, something I never thought I’d be able to do even a year ago (I didn’t like letting ANYONE take scissors to my head, not even professionals. LOL, but yet here I am cutting it all off by myself). It almost felt like a rite of passage, and it only cost me $4.26 (the cost of my shears). I would do it the EXACT same way if I had to do it again.


Please note: I have no intention of needing to do it again. LOL! This will be my last post with the “transition” tag unless I’m posting advice.