BAA Growth Challenge

30 May 2010

Wash N Go

So the night before I detangled my hair by spraying water on it and finger detangling before putting about a quarter size amount of EVOO on each section (I had 5 or 6). Then I went through it with a comb and put that part in an afro puff. When I was finished I played around with my fro before putting it into 4 puffs to sleep.


I woke up the following morning, co-washed with Aussie Moist, then I did an ACV rinse, but instead of rinsing it like I normally do, I put my conditioner stuff over it and then covered that with a conditioning cap and a bonnet and let it marinate for a little over an hour. I rinsed that out with cold water, and now was coming the fun part! I was going to try out the KCCC my LS sent me. Well, it's true when they say that stuff doesn't play well with other products. as I was putting it on I noticed it was turning white.  I thought it would go away as it dried, but as it dried it only got worse. So I looked online and according to the KCCC people if it does that it may mean your hair wasn't wet enough so the product didn't get distributed. Okay.  So I rinsed my hair through a little bit to try to get it more evenly distributed. It got worse.

Here's my hair after the initial application. I thought I greatly resembled Lionel Ritchie from the "Hello" video. I wasn't feeling it, but I knew it would shrink up.

but after I rinsed and tried to get rid of some of the access moisture using an old T-shirt my hair looked like this:

Oh heyal naw. I WAS going to sit under a cool dryer to speed up the process, but I noticed that as it dried it GOT WORSE. So I had to wash that crap out of my hair. I still have a little left, so I may try again and just use the Knot Today and KCCC since that product REALLY doesn't play well with others.  My curls were being defined, but they were also turning white.

So I used some of my mom's ORS Aloe Very shampoo and got that stuff out of my hair. Then I used some HEHH  and a little clear Eco Styler gel to do a variation of MahoganyCurls's "accordion" technique. (I'd done a different technique that required me to take little sections of my hair smooth and release to do the KCCC application, and I just didn't feel like going through all of that again. LOL, so I'll try that again next time with something else next week) So here's my hair right after finishing the accordion technique, it's SOAKING wet, but after what it just went through, I figured it earned the right to air dry since I didn’t have to go anywhere anytime soon.


I don't know if you can tell, but the curls on the left are a lot looser than the ones on the right, but my hair has always been like that. The left seems to grow faster, but that’s because the curls are looser.  I actually really don’t like the looser curls, I’m hoping they’ll tighten up over time. Plus, I think I missed more straight ends on that side, so that may be weighing the curls down. I’m slowly but surely getting rid of all of them. That’s the good thing about this style, I’m finding all of those little straight pieces that previously alluded me, and I’m less likely to cut a curl because I can just grab that one straight piece.





So after my hair dried I ended up putting it into a puff because I don’t really like leaving my hair just hanging. I LOVED my puff though. I used the same method I’d been using while transitioning which was to take a knee high and tie it in the back, then slide it to where I wanted it before knotting it. Be careful not to get hair caught in the tie in the back. You can try putting the knot in the front where you’ll be less likely to catch it on some hair, but it may be more difficult to hide it.


For the front, sides and back I used a LITTLE (and I do mean a little) clear Eco Styler Gel and brished it back to where I was going to have the puff start before putting on the knee high. You don’t need a lot, a little goes a long way. That night I just took about a quarter sized amount of EVOO and patted it on my hair and slept in my satin bonnet.

Here’s my second day hair:

For my second day hair, I merely took my spritzer bottle that only has bottled water in it and sprayed my hair down until it was well saturated. Then I took some EVOO and patted it on my hair and smoothed it on the edges. That’s it.

This morning I probably could have gotten a third day out of it, but I wanted to see if it was a fluke the first time. So this morning I co-washed with HEHH and then did the accordion method again. This time instead of using a little Eco Styler Gel I used some Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk. So my hair is a little softer due to the absence of gel. I also didn’t gel down the front this time to see if I could still get the look without the gel. Once it got pretty dry (as in no longer dripping) I patted it with about a nickel sized amount of EVOO to seal in the moisture that was still on my hair. Here’s the result:


It’s still wet in the back, but it’s mostly dry everywhere else. I think that’s another advantage to not using the gel because it’s letting my hair dry faster, and it’s super soft. Not bad. I think I found a staple style for the summer! I’m not going to do it too much though because I do recognize the benefit of protective styling. I’ll probably have it in protective styles for a week then let myself wear the WNG for a few days.

So that’s my first experience with a wash n go. I may try to do one of the curl defining styles in a couple of weeks. I need to get some of those claw clip things before I try that because my hair is pretty long for a year, but it’s not long enough for duck clips to be effective at keeping the hair I’m not using out of my way since it’s so thick. I don’t think those should be called “wash n gos” because they take soooooooooooooo much work.